Leave your Mark

Leave your Mark

Celebrate & Remember 
Park Donation Opportunity

Purchasing and dedicating a new bench or picnic table with a personalized inscription is a beautiful way to recognize your connection to a park and/or honor a friend or loved one. 

Your generous contribution will support the Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation Foundation, enhance the park, and leave a lasting memory. 

A dedicated bench or picnic table could be for the following purposes:

  • Give Recognition to someone who has served in the community.
  • Honor someone who has passed away.
  • Pay Tribute to someone special.
  • Celebrate memories or anniversaries.
  • A Gift to the Community.

All donation requests, must be submitted and detailed in writing to the Executive Director of Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation.  Our Executive Director, Ben Hill will be happy to assist you along the way.  His email is, ,or you can reach him on his office phone at 801-943-3190 x110.

  • All donations shall be the property of the Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation.
  • Donations must be in compliance with the current Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation standards.
  • All wording on a proposed plaque(s) must meet Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation approval.
  • The Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation reserves the right to refuse or deny any donation request.
  • The requesting party shall be solely responsible for the cost of the Memorial and its installation.
    • The cost for a bench and its installation, can range between $2,000 and $2,500. 
    • The cost for a picnic table and its installation, can range between $3,000 and $3,500.
    • Final cost will be calculated, communicated and agreed upon before installation.

After the donation request has been submitted in writing, the Executive Director will evaluate the request and make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for final approval.  The donation shall be installed by a professional, authorized by the Cottonwood Heights Parks & Recreation.