Happy Anniversary!

Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! On July 26, 1967, the community and Salt Lake County Board of Commissioners created the Salt Lake County Service Area No. 2. It was created to provide enhanced park and recreational services for the citizens in the community through the collection of property taxes and was defined by a geographical boundary. The first Board of Trustees of the Salt Lake County Service Area No. 2 was Paul Bywater, Donald Sawaya and Don Antczak. Since the beginning, the Service Area has had a strong partnership with the School District and Salt Lake County.

In 1971, the first phase of the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center was built and consisted of the indoor 25 meter pool, diving pool, hot tub and locker rooms. It was affectionately referred to as the “Spa”. Since that time, additional phases have been added to the Center and today it consists of 4 indoor pools, 3 outdoor pools, Olympic sized ice arena, basketball court, walking track, 6 racquetball courts, child care and numerous fitness work out and class rooms. At an estimated 160,000 square feet, it is one of the largest recreational facilities in the Salt Lake Valley. In 2000, the Service Area’s name was changed to the Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area. The City of Cottonwood Heights was incorporated in 2005 and the Service Area provides the Parks and Recreation services for the City. In addition to the Recreation Center, the Service Area is responsible for the scheduling and maintenance of 6 beautiful parks with pavilions and playgrounds, 23 tennis courts and numerous special events during the year. Here's to 50 more amazing years!